"May we encourage others, as they have encouraged us."

May 2016 | When our son was 2 months old, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. After experiencing chest pain, he went in for an x-ray where they identified the source of the pain, an 11 cm tumor in his chest. We would soon find out that this tumor was stage 3 thymoma. He was able to participate in a 3 month clinical trial which helped shrink the tumor to an operable size. He then underwent open heart surgery to remove the tumor. After recovering from surgery, he received proton therapy treatment on the remaining cancer cells at the Roberts Proton Therapy Center in Philadelphia, PA. We're happy to share that his last treatment was in February 2017. He's moving onward and upward; but, what a journey!

Throughout his diagnosis and treatment, we received an overwhelming amount of love. We consider ourselves lucky for the support system that he had during this process. There are people within our circle of support that I will forever feel indebted to, as they touched our family more than they'll ever know. They were our lifelines and helped us remain hopeful.

Jay's outlook on {and approach to} cancer was unlike any other. He was going to win and cancer was going to lose. He also had the support of family, friends and an extraordinary medical group that kept his spirit alive. Knowing first hand the impact that a positive mental approach and healthy lifestyle can have on disease, we knew we needed to share this message to help others that are hurting. We wanted to create an extended support group for those fighting this disease. Combining our appreciation of a strong support system, belief in a healthy lifestyle and passion for a positive attitude, we created Blue Jay Wishes. 

March 2017 | My husband finished up treatment one month before our son's first birthday. We decided to use our son's first birthday as our opportunity to launch Blue Jay Wishes. We reached out to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and asked if we could create uplifting care packages for children receiving proton therapy and their parents. They were so receptive to the project, and touched to see a former patient giving back, that they helped us identify 20 children with cancer and 21 special sets of parents. We created a Wish List filled with items themed around positiveness, stress relief and a healthy lifestyle. We then asked our family and friends to purchase a gift from the Wish List for a child or parent in need, instead of a birthday present for our son. The outpouring of generosity was unbelievable. They helped us quickly check items off of the Wish List and fill meaningful packages for these special families.

We are thrilled to support the Roberts Proton Therapy Center and in our gift giving endeavors. We have the utmost respect for their caring staff, gratefulness for the minds behind this advanced form of radiation and sincere gratitude for the gifted hands of their surgical team.