Wish List 2019 | Blue Jay Wishes is in the process of collecting items for our 2019 drive. We have traditionally blessed CHOP patients undergoing cancer treatment at the Roberts Proton Therapy Center. New this year, we will be expanding our reach to pay it forward to patients recovering from thoracic surgery, typically related to cancer, at the Division of Thoracic Surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. 20 bags for pediatric patients at CHOP + 20 bags for their parents + 20 bags for patients at UMMC = 60 CARE PACKAGES to fill! This will be our biggest drive to date and we’d be thrilled if you could help us check items off our our Wish List. Items range from $5 - $35, one small purchase will make a difference! If you feel compelled to contribute, please CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE AN ITEM OFF OF THE 2019 WISH LIST.


  • How are the items selected? The Wish List items are hand selected for each patient and their caretaker, based on their age, gender, health and overall goal to brighten their day and encourage a healthy, positive lifestyle. We've added notes beside each item to explain their purpose.

  • I can't support an item on the Wish List right now, is there another way to help? YES! We are actively seeking notes of encouragement to include in the care packages. These can be heartfelt letters or short, positive quotes that a family can read when they're having a difficult day.

  • Can I donate money? No. We, respectfully, do not accept monetary donations. One of the beautiful points of distinction about Blue Jay Wishes is that you, the giver, are able to see exactly what your money is going towards. You are able to give by purchasing a specific item from our Wish List and know the exact treatment center that will be blessed by your geneoristy. We are a 100% volunteer organization. This venture comes from the heart and we are proud to offer a non-monetized charity. Unlike many not-for-profit organizations, Katie and Jay, Blue Jay Wishes founders, personally pay for the overhead expenses of operating Blue Jay Wishes.

  • Where do I ship the items? Simply select "Ship to Blue Jay Wishes Gift Registry" and the items will be shipped directly to us. We will then put together each package and deliver them to the treatment center this spring.

  • Can I send an item that is not listed on the Wish List? We would love to learn more about what you have in mind. Please contact us.